A parenting guide on challenges for teens and children

free e-book on parenting How to raise adaptable and satisfied people

This is what you are afraid to ask other moms in the school yard:
A small book on parenting with psychologists’ advice. You can read it in 45 minutes. It contains 8 eternal questions about children and teenagers’ growing up.
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Because everybody wants their children to become satisfied adults.

Still, life is unpredictable and hard. You can’t protect your kids from all problems but you can give them psychological tools to deal with them successfully.

I always read about the human soul. It took me many years to realize life is not a party but it’s still rewarding. As a mom, I want to help my children become adaptable and able to recover quickly from bad experiences.

So, I read about child psychology and wrote about these issues:

  • self-confidence and body image,
  • how to deal with negative emotions,
  • loneliness vs. solitude,
  • peer acceptance,
  • outsiders – being different from others,
  • self-actualization and how to help children fulfill their needs,
  • teaching them how to deal with stress and frustration,
  • how to explain love to a child: infatuation vs. romance vs. partnership.

Going through eminent websites in child development, I compiled the information into small parenting guide:

An e-book on challenges for teens and children.

Who am I?

A mom of two restless kids.

An author of a children’s book about growing up.

A former teacher.

A Serbian translator interested in psychology.

My M.A. thesis in postmodern literature deals with the fragmented self.

I did a lot of soul-searching to get to know what I want.

I can give you my parenting guide for free.

It contains the 8 common challenges above which teens and children face today, according to experts.

It states in plain language how to help children deal with these challenges.

The book also offers expert sources for further reading.

You can read it in less than an hour.

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