Maria Milojković is the author of Just a blackbird – The story about growing up (2019). It is an allegory on how an outsider grows through loneliness and disappointment, eventually gaining self-acceptance. The book depicts stages of one’s personal development and self-actualization through a simple yet compelling story. Both children and adults will love it.

Maria has worked in finance, foreign trade, education, and marketing. She earned a master’s degree in postmodern English literature and spent over 10 years as a translator, ESL teacher, and office worker. For the last few years her focus is on marketing. She does legal and financial translation, and writes native ads. Maria is a contributor to Medium and local Balkan portals and websites dealing with feminism, politics, parenting, and education such as

the blog of Nedeljnik, independent Serbian political magazine

Off.net.mk, Macedonian independent political newspaper

Zelena učionica, Serbian education portal

Detinjarije, Serbian parenting portal

Lola magazin, Bosnian magazine for women

Lilihipsteri, Serbian website for parenting and shopping

Centar za mame, first Serbian moms club & charity

If you want Maria to write or translate for you, or if you want to buy her book, come say hi.