A thousand small steps will get you to a big goal
Growing up

Affirmations for self-love for children

Learning to accept and love oneself can be hard. Looking up to their parents and listening to their peers, they can become too self-critical and insecure. Affirmations for self-love help children learn how to be gentle with themselves.

I am a good person.

I am not perfect but I‘m good enough.

There is no one exactly like me. I‘m unique.

Being different is inspiring. People who are different accomplish more and the world looks up to them.

My authenticity can make me braver and more creative.

I deserve love and respect.

I choose to be with people who love me for who I am.

I believe in my abilities.

I believe I can do big things.

A thousand small steps lead to a big goal. And small rewards wait along the way.

I am improving every day.

I make mistakes like everybody else.

Mistakes are the best knowledge I can get.

Every day I can start over.

Every day I try to find something positive around me, even when I have a bad day.

I will be OK no matter what happens.

Everybody makes mistakes. Mistakes are the best knowledge I can get.

I can do everything I want. I need time, patience, and to keep on trying.

I help others. I am glad to make a difference in other people’s lives.

In every obstacle, there is something I can learn and become better.

I can solve every problem, one piece at a time.

It is OK to feel bad sometimes. Everybody does. But feelings come and go, and things change. I choose to do what I can to feel better.

I can always ask someone I trust for help.

Today I have something I didn‘t have a year ago. And know something I didn‘t know a year ago. I am making progress. And I am grateful for it.

There is no one just like me. I am unique.  Be yourself.

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