• a chaplet and a vigil lamp in front of a picture of God

    I am an agnostic and I celebrate God

    “Where is your grandma Jela now, mom?”, my daughter asked me. “She’s in heaven, looking at us from above”, I said peeling an apple. She went to the balcony and looked at the sky towards the 36-story Socialist building. “I can’t see her”, she told me coming into the kitchen.

  • A lonely boy is looking at the sea
    Growing up

    How to help lonely children not to feel so… lonely

    We are afraid for our children because they are at home much more than we used to be. The experts advise more socializing and less screen time. Children develop socially and emotionally when they are with their friends. They meet the real world outside. But will things change for the better if we make them go outside? I don't think so.