3 naslovne strane dečije knjige "Jedan običan kos"
Book "Just a blackbird"

Previews of “Just a blackbird” in English, Serbian, and bilingual

My first edition of Just a blackbird was in English. I was blogging on Medium for some time and wanted to offer something to the English-speaking world.

I decided to write a children’s book for adults about life and psychological growth – a simple and clean read for 7 – 13-year-olds. Also, teenagers and 30-something girls still looking for a perfect match.

I wrote a quick read with life lessons you learn while growing up. It is a symbolic story about a little outsider who craves to be what she isn’t. The challenge was to narrate the whole process of maturing as concisely as possible but hold the readers’ attention until the end. I read, and cut, and re-read, and rewrote.

Here are a few pages of the final English version:

Table of contents and the beginning of the story "Just a blackbird" in English
Table of contents and the beginning of the story
Chapter 1 of "Just a blackbird"
Chapter 1
Chapter 2 of "Just a blackbird", the English version
Chapter 2

At the end of the book, I put a chapter containing topics from the story. Children and teens can discuss these issues with their parents or teachers and thus get tools to deal with real-life experiences as they grow older:

Questions and topics of "Just a blackbird", the English version
Questions and topics for discussion

When I gave the book to the beta readers, my dear Serbian friends suggested that I translate it to Serbian for our kids as well. So I created a Cyrillic script:

Poglavlje 2 knjige "Jedan običan kos" na srpskom, ćirilica
Chapter 2 in Serbian, Cyrillic script
Pitanja i teme iz knjige "Jedan običan kos" na srpskom, ćirilica
Questions and topics in Serbian

In the end, my wise editor Maya suggested that I do a bilingual version. It was a great idea since there are almost as many Serbs living in diaspora as there are in Serbia, unfortunately. Bilingual Serbian books are rare and I believe that many Serbs don’t want their kids to forget their mother tongue. So the third version of the book was born with parallel scripts in both languages – Serbian and English:

Bilingual version of "Just a blackbird"; chapter 2
Bilingual (English-Serbian) edition

You can see the review of the first and last few pages of the book in PDF on Scribd.

After many obstacles along the way I am proud to say that you can buy the books on AMAZON in English,

and on KOBO – if you haven’t bought anything there, you can practically get the monolingual versions for free:

Or pay $2.99 to get a bilingual version.

I hope you will enjoy them. Looking forward to your thoughts and comments 😉


    • Maria Milojkovic

      Thank you, Kelli.
      I am about to start publishing my parenting articles on Medium. The posts will deal with the topics from my children’s book.
      I am looking forward to readers’ impressions there.

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