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Book "Just a blackbird",  Growing up

Readers’ first reactions to “Just a blackbird”

I wrote a small chapter book of life lessons for easier growing up. And in this post here I have explained why I did it.

The first comment from a 12-year-old reader

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  • Albagreka personalized books

    “Just a blackbird” is an educational fable about growing up and finding one’s place in the world and among people. Changes that children experience in puberty are very confusing and we can all recall those moments of deep unhappiness we felt at least at one point in the transition from childhood to adolescence. Just as adult learns about business ethics from Orwell’s “Animal Farm”, “Just a blackbird” in a very subconscious way, teaches children to learn about themselves and how to adapt to new period in life.

  • Maya Delic

    Just a Blackbird is an original story with important universal themes such as growing up and maturing through our feelings of loneliness and being at odds with the status quo. The story unfolds with a more realistic approach to relationships and self reflection which makes it unique and endearing for pre-teens and adults alike. Warmly recommended!

  • Jelena

    A lovely and heartwarming tale, told with a lot of love. It is charming, engaging and educational. It tells a story about changes and transformations in life which bring both heartache and bliss. The book has a strong universal message that everything can be overcome with an open heart. It is a suitable classroom material to be used with both native and ESL students.


    A realistic, multi-layered book for all generations. We have all experienced feelings of inadeqacy and inability to fit in at some point of our life. But not so many of us have ” left the farm” in search for a more suitable and fulfilling life in a world completely unknown. Realistic and encouraging. A very good open ending, can be used for “finish the story” writing activities, discussions.

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